Hi all!

We're SO excited about this latest Blog Post, and our latest Retailer Announcement.

Beginning March 1st or earlier, our Maritime Muscle Apparel can be purchased locally on Prince Edward Island at our exclusive PEI Retailer: LADNER'S SOURCE FOR SPORTS!

If you're unfamiliar with LADNER'S SOURCE FOR SPORTS, its completely locally owned and operated - LADNER'S SOURCE FOR SPORTS also offers a wide product line-up for the entire family, and basically any sport (literally, source for sports).

As we strive to push "Local Supporting Local" this is an exciting announcement for us and we are so grateful for their continued support! At the current time, they will have a full stock of Maritime Muscle Apparel products including Official Made In Nova Scotia - In-Store Exclusive products both representing our Classic Design and Classic PEI design!

Grab turn by turn directions to LADNER'S SOURCE FOR SPORTS now by clicking "Get Directions" at: