Canadian Muscle Supplements - On The Way!

Hi all!

As some of you may know, at the very start of the pandemic we discontinued selling supplements immediately. At the time, it was a nerve racking decision - and as the pandemic continues to evolve, we are leading an almost normal life in many areas across Canada and gyms continue to remain open.


As we move forward into 2021 - Canadian Muscle is preparing to re-launch our Supplement Products and, with our "Local Supporting Local" mission are aiming to make Supplements another In-Store Exclusive item to help further create more unique customer service experiences, and continue to drive traffic and support into local retailers nationwide.


The first step for us was re-launching a new, intuitive, user friendly Online Shop - the second step? Well, you know, get to work! We'll be adding the supplement products back online within the next 2-3 weeks to showcase them, and of course ensure that we are seeking out local retailers nationwide who can serve you locally to continue to provide these great in-store exclusives.

Once you're ready to grab some CM PRE or another Canadian Muscle Supplement product, browse online and then head to: to find your closest retailer (hint: you can filter to only show stores that stock Supplements!)